1. This yogi dons a hair style that more and more women, including my coworker Mary, have been styling - the buzzed shortcut. For the chest, I referenced Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men. It’s fun drawing these topless, maybe-feminist or maybe-not yogis. But, I’m suspecting that more people will need fully clothed icons on the Noun Project. It’s in my plan to draw variations of clothing for the upper body.

  2. Uttanasana, or standing forward bend, as an inversion. Stretch the hamstrings, and quiet the mind through this inversion.
    Download the .svg from the Noun Project.

  3. The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery, even when they have to take a detour.

    — James Jeans (via observando)

  4. In Triangle Pose, the feet and legs strengthen first, then the torso stretches away from the hips. The bottom side obliques stretch away too, as the top side stretches.

  5. Child’s pose, or Balasana is a resting pose you can always come back to during your sequence. Rest your forehead on the ground and take a couple of breaths.

    If there’s discomfort in the knees, or feet, roll up a blanket and place it between the calves and thighs, or under your feet to create space.

    Look out for this icon on the Noun Project.

  6. It’s been fun to digitize and vectorize sketches of yoga poses. Suddenly they become reproducible by people on the Internet, and scalable into any size.

    This is the newest addition to my icons, and yet are the most downloaded. This shouldn’t be a big surprise given that downdog is the most iconic pose that people probably think of when they think of yoga.

    Download this downward-facing dog from the Noun Project

  7. Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing.

    — Leo Babauta (via observando)

  8. Vasishtasana, side plank drawing turned into a vector icon. Find it on http://thenounproject.com by searching for “yoga”.

  9. Seated pose vector illustration

  10. Yoga handstand

    Yoga handstand